General Overview of Resources Use

1. Model Inquiry-based STSE Actions
A goal of the first step is to expose students to a breadth of STSE issues related to the unit and demonstrate the interconnecting relationships between Science, Technology, Society and Environment – they can have positive and negative affects on one another. Furthermore, we want to convince students that the knowledge and understanding they gain can and should be used to promote the well-being of individuals, societies and environments. The teacher will show examples of activism in response to relevant STSE issues and discuss general kinds of action one can take.

2. Guided Inquiry-based STSE Actions
The teacher should guide students through a small-scale activism project, allowing students to experience cases of action on STSE issues first hand. Through the guided project they will conduct both primary and secondary research – their findings will ideally motivate and direct actions they take to address an STSE issue.

3. Student-led Inquiry-based STSE Action Project
In small groups, students will have the opportunity to conduct their own open-ended inquiry projects based on the modeling that was done in class. Their projects, however, will be more extensive than the guided project. The teacher should act as a facilitator, providing support without telling students what to do.

Schematic overview of a unit: