Preservice Teacher's Socioscientific Action Collaboration

Australian Catholic University (ACU) & OISE, University of Toronto


This is the home page for preservice teachers who are enrolled in EDST 544 at ACU and EDU 5517 at OISE to share aspects of their projects involving research-informed actions to address socioscientific (STSE) issues.

This collaboration stemmed from the scholarly relationship and friendship between the instructors for the two courses; that is, Dr. Lyn Carter at ACU and Dr. Larry Bencze at OISE.

We hope that this collaboration between preservice teachers living in the two hemispheres will generate many insights and, possibly, future collaborations.



Participant Profiles. Go here to create a profile for yourself and to comment on some provided by preservice teachers in either Australia or Canada.

Research-informed Action Planning. Go here to engage in discussions with your counter-parts in either Canada or Australia about your group's plans for research-informed actions on SSIs.